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out of cheese error redo from start

penumbren in boysintheback

Challenge 17: Black & White --- WINNERS!

After some delay (due entirely to the overtime I had this week at work, I promise), here are the winners!

Third place: by scarlet_braids

Second place: by scarlet_braids

First place: by sigarilyo

Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to all the participants! Banners will be forthcoming.

All icon submissions on the original post have been unscreened.


Thanks :D Congratulations to scarlet_braids, too.
I loved your icon - it made me giggle, and the splash of color was great
i am about to take 3rd place and hug it

Congratulations to the winners! I really loved the icons. The first place was my first choice as well - are you surprised, really? XD - and I loved how funny it is. Had me a right chuckle, especially because the picture fits wonderfully.

Very nice work! ^^
Wow thanks to everyone who voted & congrats to sigarliyo! :)