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Boys in the Back

Slashy Wrestling Icons & Pics - Seeing Is Believing

Boys in the Back: Slashy Wrestling Icons & Pics
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Welcome to Boys in the Back, a community for slashy wrestling icons and pictures: Any promotion, any pairing, any rating... anything goes as long as it's slashy and wrestling-related. M/m, f/f, multiples... all are welcome here. Icons of just solo wrestlers are more than okay, too, if they're... well... slashy.

Owner/Moderator Info

Your Friendly Community Owner is penumbren, and your Even Friendlier Community Moderator is faerielissa. The Counter of Challenge Votes is raisingkane.


1. If posting more than two or three icons, place them behind an lj-cut and use a few as teasers. This is both to avoid cluttering up flists and a kindness for those of us who are still on dialup. Fake cuts are also okay. If you don't know what an lj-cut is or how to use them, look here: LJ FAQ #75.

2. No hotlinking! If you like an icon that is posted here and want to use it yourself, save it to your own hard drive and then upload it to wherever you wish to use it at.

3. Questions and requests are fine, but please place large graphics behind lj-cuts and always credit icon makers (and graphics sources, if known). Ads for other communities, as long as they're wrestling icon/slash-related, are fine.

4. Be civil. Rudeness and flaming will not be tolerated.

5. Remember to tag your posts with the names of the people appearing in your icons. Since many of us post icons of lots of people at once, using the memories to organize them for easy reference is iffy at best, and tags are the simplest and best way to do this for now. If you're unfamiliar with tags (trust me, they're easy!), take a look here: LJ FAQ #226. And check out the tag list in the links menu for easy icon finding!

6. When posting icons, please make sure that the links are good for the foreseeable future. Because the icon posts are archived, if the links in any icon post become broken and are not fixed within two days of our discovering the fact---which will be noted by a comment on that post---that post will be deleted. If notified that the links will not be fixed, the post will be deleted immediately.

Picture Rules

* If posting more than one picture, they must be put behind a cut.
* If the one picture is overly large, it must go behind a cut, too.
* If you are asked by anyone to put the pics behind a cut, you must. It's only polite.
* If you do not put the pictures behind a cut, even after being asked to, the post will be deleted.
* All "not safe for work" and other full- or close-to-full nudity pictures need to be put behind a cut, with the appropriate warning.
* Tag your posts with the names of the wrestlers in the pictures.


We have bi-monthly challenges with different themes. As long as the icon is slashy (m/m or f/f) and relates to the theme in some way, it's allowable. We'd prefer that you not submit variations of one icon, but if you truly cannot pick one over another, it's okay occasionally.

Challenges will be posted every other Sunday, with entries accepted through the following Saturday. On the next Sunday the entries will be posted for voting through the following Tuesday. Wednesday, the winners will be announced. Banners will be made for the winners and will be posted as the banner-makers' schedules permit.

Please do not submit icons that have been previously posted anywhere. All icons submitted must be your own work and must follow standard Livejournal requirements (no larger than 100x100 pixels and less than 40k in size). Any graphic format is acceptable, and both the image and the link to it must be posted. If submitting multiple icons, please submit all of them in one comment to the challenge post. Either still or animated icons are allowable.

Anyone may vote, whether they're a community member or not. You may not vote for yourself, and you may only vote for each icon once. Voting is weighted, with first place counting for 3, second place for 2, and third place for 1. There may be ties.

Please post all submissions in one reply to the challenge post with both the icon and its URL, like this:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Weekly Challenge Master List

Submit a theme idea here.

Linking to Us

The link to the group is < http://community.livejournal.com/boysintheback/ >. (Without the <>, of course. :)

Link Banners!
If you wish to have a button linking to the community on your profile page (or anywhere else), simply choose the button you like, copy the code in the text box beneath it, and paste it wherever! All buttons were made by faerielissa.