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out of cheese error redo from start

penumbren in boysintheback


After a unanimous vote, it's been decided: This community will now be open for picture posting as well as icon posting.

ALL MEMBERS may post slashy icons or slashy pictures, at any time, regardless of icon challenges or anything else. Photos, drawings, whatever. I'm going to call it all good for now.

The Rules
(You knew these were coming!)

* If posting more than one picture, they must be put behind a cut.
* If the one picture is overly large, it must go behind a cut, too.
* If you are asked by anyone to put the pics behind a cut, you must. It's only polite.
* If you do not put the pictures behind a cut, even after being asked to, the post will be deleted.
* All "not safe for work" and other full- or close-to-full nudity pictures need to be put behind a cut, with the appropriate warning.
* Tag your posts with the names of the wrestlers in the pictures.

That's pretty much it for now. It's common sense, it's polite, and I think we'll all be fine.

Having said that: Start posting away! :D


How do you want to tag pictures? Just with names, like icons?

*is itching to do a post*
Oops, I forgot that, didn't I? *g* With names. I'll add that in.