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iron man

penumbren in boysintheback

Pictures as well as icons?

One last modly thing for the night:

Would we like to open up the comm to posting slashy pics, as well as icons?

The community has been icon-based ever since opening, but after long thought and more exposure to a wider range of groups myself, I've been thinking more and more about allowing picture posts. The rules would be the same: Wrestling + slashy only, whether male, female, or multiples.

I'm thinking this could encourage participation, both by sharing pictures that we would like to see iconed, and by sharing icons that result from the pictures. As always, both icon and picture posts would be open to all community members. (You do all know that you're welcome to post slashy wrestling icons at any time, regardless of the challenges, right?)

Should we allow picture posts as well as icon posts?


Any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns... leave a comment. I'll be screening them on this post.


That's it exactly. We'll be having icon contests every other week, and we'll be open to icon posts from any member at any time, both as always. This would give us the added option of slashy picture posts from any member at any time.